Sonic 4 The Hedgehog

Sonic 4 The Hedgehog - Xenda PC Games™ - ada game kecil seru nih gan, siapa sih ga kenal sama aktor game andalan dari developer sega Sonic, ya kali ini saya akan share game terbaru dari sega dengan aktor sonic nama gamenya adalah Sonic 4 The Hedgehog.

Sonic 4 The Hedgehog adalah permainan Sonic Hedgehog episode dengan episode pertama dirilis pada tanggal 7 Oktober, 11, 12, dan 13 di wilayah AS, Oktober 7, 13, dan 15 di wilayah Uni Eropa, dan 12 Oktober, 13 di wilayah JP. Ini pada awalnya nama kode Project Needlemouse, setelah Mr Needlemouse, nama yang diberikan untuk prototipe awal beberapa Sonic.

NGamer mengungkapkan bahwa permainan akan memiliki 3 Episode, masing-masing terdiri dari 4 Zona. [1] Zona Masing-masing memiliki 4 Kisah Acth, yang terakhir adalah pertempuran bos dengan musuh abadi Dr Sonic Eggman.


The game intends to replicate the feel of 16-bit era Sonic games with elements such as side scrolling levels and classic-style badniks. Sonic is the only playable character. Each zone features 3 acts, similar to Sonic 1's design, along with a boss act. The Homing Attack and Spin Dash are present. Monitors return in this game, and power-ups attainable from them include the Speed Shoes, Shield, and Invincibility. Special Stages are present and take place in Sonic 1-esque levels which must be navigated by tilting the level with either the D-Pad or through motion controls on supported systems. If all 7 Chaos Emeralds are collected in the Special Stage and 50 or more rings are collected the player will be able to transform into Super Sonic, a feature which has not been implemented in regular levels in an action Sonic game since Sonic 3 and Knuckles. The transformation is activated by pressing a button that is not Jump, making transforming into Super Sonic less likely to be accidental. In the Wii version, it's simply the 1 button, while on the 360 it is the X/Y buttons. Description: Sonic 4 The Hedgehog Rating: 3.5 Reviewer: Wahyu Firmansyah ItemReviewed: Sonic 4 The Hedgehog

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